Struggling dog rescued from Florida canal

A Florida police officer jumped into a canal alongside a bystander to rescue a dog who ended up in the water and was in danger of drowning.

The Lighthouse Point Police Department said Officers Sara Gianino and Allyson Steinkamp responded to a Lighthouse Point neighborhood where a dog named Sarge had plunged into the canal behind his owner’s home.

Alex Griffin, Sarge’s owner, said the canine is a strong swimmer, but was unable to find a way to climb out on his own.

Gianino and a passing boater, Charles King, plunged into the water to assist the 80-pound canine.

A video posted to Facebook by the police department shows the two rescuers lifting Sarge onto a dock, where Steinkamp was waiting.

Griffin said his family is now working on fortifying their fence to keep Sarge from getting into the canal again.